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Does your cat, small dog, or ferret need a new cozy place to sleep? Try a colorful, handmade crochet bed!


Made with a jumbo plush yarn that is soft to the touch, this crochet pet bed has a flat, rug-like center with flexible walls to fit all your pet's favorite positions. Crochet texture is both breathable and warm. You can even fill the nest with a favorite blanket or clothing for a more immersive snuggle.


Small Pet Bed Dimensions:

~ 14" x 5" (36 x 14 cm) outer diameter

~ 12" x 4" (31 x 11 cm) inner diameter



100% Polyester Yarn


These pet beds are handmade, not mass-produced, and can withstand normal wear and tear when properly taken care of. Each bed is assembled in a clean (but cat-freindly) environment, personally checked for quality, and lint-rolled before shipment. 

Moss Garden Small Pet Bed

  • Does your cat avoid beds?

    Try to relocate their bed to a spot you know they enjoy. The temperature could be better there, or their could be less ambient noise to bother them. Additionally, some cats prefer beds at a high elevation, and other will want to be on the ground.

    In my personal experience as a multi-cat owner, try to have many different bed options. Even if your cat doesn't use a bed right away, sometime they will 'discover' these new locations at a time when they are looking for a new place to hideaway. Also, older cats tend to like central locations in your home where you walk past frequently, so they can move around less but still be around you.

    Safety Spot

    Have you ever seen your cat sleeping and just went to do a quick love 'boop' but then they wake up and look all disturbed? Yes, me too. For the comfort of everyone involved, choose at least one bed where you WILL NOT PET your cat while they sleep. Slowly, they will learn to lay there when they don't want to be bothered, and will be more affectionate towards you when they do.

Do you have questions, or want something out of stock?

I'll be in touch soon, thank you for reaching out!

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