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what is Pet Caricature?

Our animals fill each day with love and playfulness; but mostly, they fill our phones with thousands of silly photos! We take them to remember their faces, sounds, and the way they wriggle around in the sunlight. Everyday we are capturing their personalities, and this is what caricature drawing does best!

Each caricature is drawn based on my interpretation of your pet as a colorful and expressive snapshot. Traditional caricature art includes exaggerated features whereas my personal drawing style includes only mild distortions when it fits the animal or photo. I do my absolute best to draw the animal that you know!


I have designed these caricatures to be easy and fun!

They are my version of cheaper, quicker, and hassle-free pet art that I can offer to each and every pet family.

Faith Mellenthin Pet Caricature 2022-09-24 Kerrigan.jpg
pet's name added in the background
6"x 8" page can fit 1-3 pet faces!
every caricature is
drawn in color!

my process and pricing

Every caricature is drawn in color!

So much of what makes them our pet are those bright green eyes or the orange spot on their chin! Additionally, for extra personalization I add your pet's name to every caricature unless you specify otherwise.

Caricatures are drawn on 6"x 8" high-quality marker paper using alcohol-based markers and enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve. Online orders will include a sturdy backing board to prevent bending while shipping. I base each drawing on any photo of your pet. If you can't choose one, or if the one you like isn't the best quality, send me all of them! I will use my artistic intuition to put an image together. Submit your pet photos to my email after paying for your caricature online.

Caricatures are $30 – $40 per page with a maximum of three faces.



Hourly rate available at $60 per hour

This is for events where host pays upfront and price covers as many caricatures as I can draw in the given time. I ask for a $60 (1 hour) deposit upfront, and all additional time is added up and charged after your event.

Reviews and Feedback
How did your pet caricature turn out?Not at all what I was imagining.Doesn't really look like my pet...Pretty average portrait.Super cute and fun!Absolutely paw-sitive, looks just like my pet!How did your pet caricature turn out?


Faith Mellenthin Pet Caricature 2022-12-03 Toby, Matt, Hadley.jpg

Absolutely perfect and beyond what I would have imagined. I love having this beautiful drawing of our pets to hang proudly in our home.

December 2022

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